Oil Change & Tire Services in Lewes, DE

Coastal Towing offers basic services to maintain your vehicle and keep it running smoothly. These services usually take a short time to complete, so can wait with your vehicle or pick it up a short time later. If we see anything that indicates additional services should be completed, we will recommend them to you before completing your service.

Oil Changes

Oil changes should be done every 3,000 miles. We quickly remove old oil and fill your car up with new oil, using the best quality and type for your vehicle. We can also top off oil tanks that are slightly low.

Tire Rotation/Alignment

Regular tire rotation ensures even wear and a smooth ride. We will put your car up on a lift remove the tires, and switch them to a different location on your car. We also align your tires properly with the wheels and fenders to smooth out the way your car drives.

Tire Replacement

If your tires are bald, have leaks, or you get a flat tire, Coastal Towing offers tire replacement. We can change out one or all four tires as needed.

Fluid Flush and Replacement:

If you need your transmission fluid or other fluid flushed out or replaced, we can do that for you in a matter of minutes. The fluid is drawn out of the car through tubing, placed in our filtering system, and returned to your car cleaned, or the new fluid is pumped into your car after removing the old fluid.

Engine and Gas Line Cleaning

Sometimes, the fuel and engine parts in vehicles retain a residue from pollutants or your gas tank receives fuel that is dirtier than normal. This can cause your car to idle roughly or accelerate more slowly. We have cleaning solutions that will remove any buildup on these parts to get your car running more smoothly until your next fill up.

These are just some of the basic auto services we offer in Lewes, Delaware, so ask us to complete any other service you need as well.

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