Car, Truck, & RV Lock Out Services in Lewes, DE

Few things are more inconvenient or stressful that locking your keys in your car or losing them when you’re away from home. Coastal Towing offers lock out service for cars, trucks, RVs, and commercial vehicles. We use effective locksmith techniques to unlock your vehicle without damaging anything. Don’t waste time with the coat hanger method—which only works when your window is open, anyway—give us a call and we’ll get your back in your car as soon as possible.

If you lose your keys or your purse gets stolen with the keys in it, we can reprogram the vehicle’s locking system to work with a new key, or clone a new key to match what you have. This will take longer than simply unlocking your vehicle, but it can be done within a few days. Cars built after 1995 have transponder chips for the ignition, so we can replace these chips if you lose your keys.

Coastal Towing & Auto Repair works with almost any make and model vehicle and will have a solution to get you back into your vehicle.

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