Brake Pads, Lines, & Fluid in Lewes, DE

Coastal Towing and Auto Repair offers brake services to any type of car, truck, or commercial vehicle.

Brake Pads

If you hear a squeaking, rubbing, or humming sound when you apply your brakes, that means your brake pads are worn and need replacement. We can replace front, rear, or both sets of brake pads in an hour or two. We will also check your rotors to see if they need replacing as well. If so, it is best to get them replaced along with the brake pads. That way, your pads do not wear out sooner than they should.

Brake Lines

Brake lines wear down over time, creating pockets of air in them and increasing the pressure and time needed to stop your vehicle. If rapid emergency braking occurs or other stress on the brake lines happens, they can snap, causing immediate loss of all brake function. These conditions can be very dangerous, so a worn or broken brake line must be replaced as soon as possible. Coastal Towing installs new brake lines so you can stop safely again.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is necessary to lubricate the parts of your brake system to prevent friction, wear, and damage to other parts of your vehicle. Over time, this fluid will need replacement to ensure it remains effective. We can quickly replace brake fluid for any type of vehicle.

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